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October 11, 2013
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Lex Ferenda: Nicolias Callahan by TheDuckster Lex Ferenda: Nicolias Callahan by TheDuckster

Lex Ferenda: Nicolias Callahanby TheDuckster

Scraps©2013-2014 TheDuckster
ɤ ›NAME:

Nicolias Callahan


Nico, Bird boy, Feather Brain

ɤ ›AGE:

16 years


Straight; though not really looking at girls yet


▴ Ravenclaw (The house of the intelligent)


May 10th, Taurus


167.5cm / 63.50kg

ɤ ›PET

Name: Copia

Species: Elf Owl

Gender: Female

Personality: |Sleepy| |Lazy| |Quiet| |Obedient|

Info: 5 inches tall. Wingspan of 9 inches and weighs 1 to 1.5 ounces


Nico has an 11 inch wand made of Hornbeam with Unicorn hair as its core, it is rigid


Death the Kid/Soul Eater by: Todd Haberkorn


:bulletblack:Lumos Charm - Lumos
Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.
:bulletblack:Unlocking Charm - Alohomora
Unlocks nonmagical locks. Most magical locks are enchanted to be impervious.
:bulletblack:Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus
Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.
:star:Flocking Charm - Avis (his favorite and most used)
Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand. Creative wizards have used this offensively.
:bulletblack:Summoning Charm - Accio
Summons an inanimate object to the caster. Objects held by someone else are generally impossible to summon in this manner.
:bulletblack:Anapneo - Anapneo
Clears the target's airway, if blocked.
:bulletblack:Incarcerous - Incarcerous
Binds a victim with magically conjured ropes.


Extra Curricular- Muggle Music & Muggle Art

Electives- Care of Magical Creatures


|Dramatic| |Obsessive| |Hard Working/Perfectionist| |Easily Annoyed/Angered| |Loner| |Animal Lover| |Artistic| |Intelligent|

Dramatic: He tends to do and say things in a dramatic way seeing as it makes people notice him more than 'normal' speaking volume. He often gets this way when speaking about the arts or birds. With this trait he is very gesture orientated when speaking meaning his arms, hands, head pretty much his whole body moves when he speaks. Many tend to find this annoying of him but he could careless because he feels he is expressing himself better.

Obsessive: This mostly ties in with his love of birds and flight, he will talk on and on about those topics. His obsession with it is that he finds birds and only birds to be the most pure and gorgeous creatures on the planet. He draws birds constantly in his sketch book and in paintings. Anything to do with birds he wants to know, see, talk about and dream about.

Hardworking/Perfectionist: Nico is one of the most hardworking students you could find at the school, often staying up late at night to complete homework and projects until they are up to his level of perfection. He wants to excel in his studies to be able to do whatever career after he graduates. This also means he is a very responsible person when it comes to school work and favors for teachers.

Easily Annoyed/Angered: Being dramatic also means that his emotions tend to switch quickly including his temper and annoyance tolerance. He can get angry at the drop of a hat so beware when speaking to him. Even though he can be temperamental he can get level headed when the situation calls for it such as being in a bad situation or test taking. Don't bother him if he is in the middle of something unless you want his wrath upon your soul.

Loner: Nico is not known to be around others, even though he is a loud kind of guy he doesn't like others to be loud and often secludes himself from large groups. He likes it quiet so he can think and day dream easily and whenever he wishes though wouldn't dare day dream during class.

Animal Lover: Birds are his favorite for the most part but anything that flies he finds has a beauty and elegance to them. He will care for any creature if need be wanting to be useful to the animals and creatures that don't really have a voice or ability to take care of themselves properly.

Artistic: He has a passion to draw and puts a lot of effort into his creations, he tends to be harsh on himself when he does draw or paint since he feels he can never capture the beauty of what he sees in his mind or what is in front of him. He will scrap and restart many times over until they become decent in his eyes. Also he loves playing with Muggle instruments thanks to his father and plays mostly soft genre music surprisingly.

Intelligent: He is book smart not street smart, he can make good strategies and solve hard puzzles that he gets faced with during school but dealing with social problems such as relationships or friendships he has no clue about. Nico often will just sit in the Library just to learn something new for the day, every day he needs to know something new or he will feel like he wasted the day (not counting class time).


Nicolias was born on a sunny day in May to his witch mother and Muggle father. His parents moved to the Muggle world when his mother first found out she was pregnant. She felt that it would be more peaceful for their child to grow up in this world just encase he didn't have powers. They were a very happy family and when Nico was two years old his sister was born, his first memories were of her and have always been the best ones for him. He was a very good brother to little Diana and even showed her how to walk and helped her learn to talk, with the help of his parents of course. He played with her giving her piggyback rides and singing songs with Diana always enjoying her company. They were the closest siblings who rarely fought with one another; of course the small fights over toys happened here and there; they weren't perfect. It was when Nico turned seven that he found he had powers and the way he found out he would never forget.

Nicolias had just found a book on origami and was making paper cranes and humming birds for his sister to play with when he started day dreaming about them actually flying and he hears his sister squeal in happiness, to his surprise he looks up to see that one of the paper cranes was levitating. His parents were happy to see that he had powers and would then start to prepare him for when he gets his letter for Hogwarts. That was the day he also found his love for birds and from then on he started reading up on all the bird books he could get his hands on and also started to draw them.

After his parents sat him down and told him about the magical world he was ecstatic to find he could do things no one else could here in the Muggle world. He wanted to tell his friends but his parents warned him that no one can know about his powers, he understood and was upset he could not boost about his new found powers but at least he could feel like he was cooler.

Afterwards they felt it would be best if Nicolias and his mother went to stay in the magical world until he was of age to go to school so that no accidents happened with his powers. He was sad but it was for the best and with this separation he tried his hardest to be the best wizard so he could make his father proud. Nico and his dad were always close ever since his dad showed him how to play piano around the same time he found his powers. See his father was a music teacher at a local high school so Nicolias got to learn all kinds of instruments. Even though they were separated Nico continued to play music for his father and every summer they would visit and he would play all the new songs he learned.

During his time with his mother in the magical world he learned the history of Voldemort and Harry Potter and he would often play out in his mind what the final battle was like; this reinforced his dramatic demeanor that grew strong as the years went on and soon came the day he got his letter for the amazing school. He was so excited begging his mother to take him to get his wand and pet for the school right away that very day. He had done so much research on wands and he really wanted a phoenix core so bad but when he got to the shop he tried all the wands with that core and they would not work for him, sadly he could not have a wand made with the feather of the most gorgeous bird he's ever seen. Nico was very stubborn to try any other wand saying he couldn't bear the thought of any other core. His mother convinced him to try more and once he gripped a Hornbeam wand with unicorn hair core it was like he found a long lost piece of him. He bonded immediately with it and apologized for not thinking any other core could be perfect for him.

Once he got his wand his mother took him to get his pet and of course he had to have a bird; an owl to be exact. She said she would be right back and gave him money for a pet as she went to shop for the moment. As soon as he walked in to the shop he sees her, a gorgeous little feathered owl looking right at him. He had to have her! Nico went to pick her up when another boy barged in and saw how much Nicolias wanted the owl he decided he would take it before him. This boy was the son of a wealthy man and was spoiled rotten and liked to take what others wanted. Nico was devastated when the boy bought his owl that he wanted so very badly and ran out of the store to convince him to buy it back. The boy laughed saying that he wasn't going to sell the owl for he was going to feed it to his dog later that night just for a good laugh. Horrified and then angry Nico tackled the boy but soon found he was no match and was easily beaten up. Crying and huddled on the ground he continued to beg for the owl, he couldn't let her be eaten. Seeing him like that the boy grimaced in disgust saying he looked pathetic tossing the cage at Nico saying that the owl deserved a pitiful owner such as him.

Since that day he has taken the best care of his little owl and tends to keep her in his robe pocket since she is so small and sleeps most of the day. She obeys him and loves him even if she is a lazy little owl and takes a few tries to make her get up and do something. He tries to keep her at his side at all times even when he started classes; since she is quiet he could get away with it sometimes.

When he was being sorted he was excited to find he was placed in Ravenclaw, what a perfect fit for him and his bird obsession. He has had some good years at the school, keeping to himself mostly not making many friends since he stayed with his studies the first couple years. He is a bit more open now than he used to be and is starting to have a bit more fun but will always have school work come first. He now is ready for his fifth year and wonders what all he will get up to.
He misses his father and sister greatly and always writes them when he gets free time telling them of what all he has been up to and now since he is at the school his mother has moved back in with his father and sister since there was no need to be apart anymore. One big happy family once more and he is always excited to go home during breaks.


+His family
+Magical creatures
+Proving himself right/others wrong, correcting
+Harmless insects
+Learning something new, anything new

-Getting a B or lower on anything
-Eating chicken, turkey etc. will not eat birds! (eggs are fine since they are non fertilized)
-Rough housing
-Pain (kind of a big baby)


Joyce Callahan, Mother, Witch, 38

William Callahan, Father, Muggle, 42

Diana Callahan, Sister, Muggle, 14




-He is a afraid of heights though he would love to play for the Quidditch team and be a seeker one day (more than likely he will never make the team)

-He gets motion sick easily

-Blind as a bat without his glasses on

-You have to earn his respect and friendship through your actions not just words

-Spends his time either in the Library or outside watching birds or Quidditch

So this is for this amazing group my friend ~Thylee showed me
This is going to be a grand time I can just tell


Art and character (c) *CrimsonMallard
Harry Potter (c) J.K.Rowling
Application (c) *KDeto
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LightningEffect Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Congratulations on getting into the group. 
I hope you'll have a lot of fun and good luck!
P.S. I really loved his pose uvu
TheDuckster Dec 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much, I hope to enjoy the group

hah thanks I thought it was perfect with his bird obsession 
LightningEffect Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I hope you will, and no prob.
Yes, it was really cute, his whole bird obsession 
was really fun and nice to see uvu
Tinccho Oct 14, 2013  Student General Artist
i spy with my little eye a definite cutie <3
good luck on getting in sweetie!!
TheDuckster Oct 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well thank you so much 
CreamTopaz Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh! This looks really cool!
TheDuckster Oct 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The group or my character? XD
CreamTopaz Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheDuckster Oct 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awww thank you ;w;
Thylee Oct 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
Pfft, I keep on forgetting that DA notifies the users when you use their username 8'D. I first thing I saw was  the writing portion of your app in my message inbox and I was confused till I saw the picture beside the comment 8'D
BACK to what I was saying! He looks really awesome! I love the pose, I can see you are improving with each picture ;w; I really love his personality and history. I really wanted to slug that kid that wanted to feed little Copia to the dogs >8U.  There are a few grammar mistakes and spelling errors scattered throughout it, but that is all I see personally. :D.  
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